Giving that goes further
Sometimes you don't know how much you have -- until you see how little someone else does. With just a little bit, we can have an outsized impact for entire communities on the other side of the world.
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What we believe in
Access to clean water, health care, and basic education is a human right.

Who we are

Fola, or Fountain of Life Africa, is a Christian non-profit organization run by a volunteer board and individuals in the US and Zambia, relying on personal and corporate donations to fund infrastructure projects, employing local labor and sourcing all supplies and materials from the community where available.

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What we do

With an operating overhead of less than 10% (fully funded by the volunteer Board), we pledge that 100% of your donation goes directly to our projects and provide full transparency of financial allocation. Thanks to our supporters, thousands of children are attending school for the very first time, hundreds of mothers and babies are surviving childbirth, and communities are thriving due to clean water.

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Current Projects

Chitanda curent projectChitanda Rural Hospital
In Chitanda and the surrounding villages, the maternal death rate while in labor is currently dangerously high. Additionally, infant mortality is also high due to the distances involved and lack of transportation for pregnant mothers to reach the 8 existing clinics in the region. The death rates are also due to the lack of doctors at the current clinics, as doctors are only stationed at hospitals, which could be a day’s journey away on foot. Fola’s plan for a Chitanda Rural Hospital will allow the 8 rural clinics to refer patients to the new facility offering a full range of medical services.
Shampande current projectShampande Medical Clinic
Shampande is a growing community, and in many ways this can be attributed to the investment and growth of Shampande Primary School by Fola. Many villages from the surrounding areas access Shampande, but the nearest medical facility is the Chibombo Rural Health Center, over 15km away (which includes a modern maternity wing funded by Fola in 2013). For some communities, such as Kapukupu fishing village another 15km from Shampande, with no connecting roads, this journey on foot would take a healthy adult almost 7 hours.
Kalola current projectKalola Secondary School
The current government primary school infrastructure at Kalola is severely overcrowded, lacking adequate classrooms and desks for the 1,125 primary and secondary students currently enrolled. Today, this school supports a large geographic area with children walking up to 13km each way, and during examinations, students come from as far as 30kms. Land has been cleared and the community has already contributed sand and crushed stone to build a new 1x3 classroom block to upgrade this to a secondary school.
Make a difference.
Partner with us as an investor in African rural communities where we are committed to drilling wells, building new schools, and providing basic health care facilities.